Newquay Stag-Do Activities

Okay, so your mate has decided to tie the knot, meaning you have the responsibility to give him the biggest and best stag-do possible. Time to plan your Newquay stag do. There are plenty of activities throughout the country that you can dabble in, but Newquay can offer it all and no other activities [...]

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Surf Charity The Wave Project Opens New Facility At South Fistral

Header Image: Naomi Roeseter The Wave Project is a surf focused charity that helps people with a wide range of disabilities enjoy the surf, help wellbeing and improve their confidence through surfing. Since their start in 2010 the charity has expanded their reach and now have bases in Cornwall, Devon, Brighton, Scotland, Scarborough and Dorset and [...]

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Fistral Beach Is The UK’s Best Beach For Activities

It's official, Fistral Beach is the UK's best beach for activities! A recent article from the Sunday Times has awarded Fistral Beach as the number one beach for activities in the whole of the UK, we are fast becoming more than just the home for British Surfing thanks to the amazing work at Fistral Beach Surf [...]

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Fistral Beach sponsors £5,000 in prize money on the UK Pro Surf Tour

Fistral Beach will provide the biggest ever single cash prize of £5,000 prize money for the highest placed British surfer in the Open Division on the UK Pro Surf Tour 2017. The prize will be in the form of a sponsorship package where the surfer will represent the beach when competing the following year. In [...]

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Top 4 Ways to Look After Your Surfboard

It may seem cliche but if you look after your board, it will look after you, not to mention extending its lifespan. Keeping it Shady Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or places of extreme heat and temperature change. Leaving it out to cook even in a bag will result the weakening of [...]

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5 Reasons Why Fistral Beach Is Cornwall’s Best Beach

Fistral Beach has long been considered the home of British Surfing as well as a spot of pure natural beauty and for good reason! Here are our top 5 reasons why we think Fistral is Cornwall’s best beach. World Class Waves There is a specific reason to as why Fistral is considered the home of [...]

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Tom Butler Fistral Beach Ambassador

We are delighted to announce that Tom Butler is now an ambassador for Fistral Beach. Tom is one of the top names in big wave surfing, grew up surfing at Fistral. With multiple surfing titles Tom's ambition is to be part of the World Surf League Big Wave Tour. It is fantastic to have such [...]

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