Staying Warm in the Water This Winter

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The temperature of the UK’s coastal waters do vary a lot throughout the year. While we can do our best to wish for a warm winter Autumn has arrived and whatever may happen extra layers will be needed in the depth’s of winter to keep everyone surfing!

Over July and August lots of surfers were enjoying being able to surf in shorties or boardies as we has a super summer with headlines reading ‘Cornwall hotter than California? British sea temperatures hit all-time high’ when water temperatures in Britain were found to be at their highest in seven years.

With the water temperature known to vary between 8C to 20C you can easily become unsure about what to wear while surfing in Cornwall. At Fistral you are faced with all of the equipment when you arrive so we have put together a little guide to help you decide what you may want to be wearing in the water this winter to keep you nice and warm.



With temperatures on average hovering around 10C we would suggest at least a 5mm and boots; but definitely don’t rule out the addition of gloves/hoods.


As we hit the depth’s of winter, the water temperature is in the region of 9C- so it is time for the works: a 5mm winter wetsuit, accompanied by boots, gloves and hoods/thermal rashvest.


Similar to January a winter wetsuit and boots is the minimum needed.


Things are starting to move in the right direction! The water temperature can still often be around 11C (but climbing!) the mixture of a winter wetsuit with boots for the majority of the time.


The water is 16C+ over these months so a summer 3/2 wetsuit will do you just fine; with the occasional highs and lows within these months.


Temperatures start to drop from 14C it is time for a 5mm winter wetsuit and boots if you want to stay nice and warm. By mid November you are definitely looking at these additional layers.


The water can still be pretty pleasant in December and on the right day a winter wetsuit and boots are fine; though depending on weather conditions don’t rule out the gloves and hoods.

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