Beginner Surfboards Newquay

Big surfboards with plenty of flotation and size to help the novice surfer learn to surf!

These are always used for someone’s first surfing lesson as they are soft and their large volume makes them more forgiving than other types of surfboards.


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They are called “foamies” because of their soft foam construction. This means as surfboards they are incredibly buoyant, enabling the beginner to catch waves easily. When you start surfing you need a high volume board, and the dimensions of the foamie surfboard ensure that they have a high volume making them stable in the water, and much easier for the novice to stand up.


 We have a variety of sized foam surfboards, when you arrive at the hire centre we can help you decide on the correct one to chose, this is largely down to the surfers height and build- alongside the conditions on the day. During the summer months Fistral Beach has extensive RNLI lifeguard cover. The lifeguards set up flags on the beach, and when using the foamie’s they should be used between the black and white checkered flags.

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