Skindog Longboards for Hire at Fistral Beach

skindog longboard hire

Skindog Longboard Hire at Fistral Beach

Skindog Longboard Hire at Fistral Beach. Fistral Beach surf hire has a hand picked selection of Skindog Longboards by Ben Skinner.

There are a range of fantastic Skindog longboards available for hire ranging from a classic single fin to the performance noserider or quad setup longboard. Each board has a FCS fin setup based on the recommendations of Ben Skinner. If you fancied bringing in your own fins you can always try them out on the board of your choice!

Each available Skindog longboard for hire is a different design, have a look at the boards and what they have been designed to do. The staff at Fistral Beach Surf Hire can also help with board choice and fin configurations. Scroll down for information on each of the boards we have to offer.


Slab Hunter

As the name suggests this board was designed for hollow waves and riding in the barrel; however, it proves its worth in a variety of conditions that are often seen in the UK. It is the most performance orientated longboard  that Skindog makes. Being 2” 3/4 thick there is enough volume to catch waves with a quad set up plus a box and a swallow tail. As a quad in the hollow stuff, it is Ben’s recommended board, but put 2 +1 back in and it turns into a great all rounder.

Saving Grace

Made for the summer when the conditions are not always cooperating. It has a very traditional aspect, with a unique rail and nose design it is an excellent noserider with maneuverability off the tail making it a very fun board. It is pretty flat through the whole board adding to stability on the nose; the tail has a flick in the rocker making it very easy to turn and gives lift whilst on the nose. Perfect for an old school approach, lots of stability and glide.



9’1” x 21 3/4 x 2 2/3 2+1

Skindog teamed up with Lufi, one of the finest longboard shapers in the world and this cracker of a longboard was created. It is a great all rounder for any condition. With a thruster fin setup for exceptional stability and rive, this all-rounder board is perfect for noseriding. The sharp rails in the tail aid performance turns, but the design of the board means it is suitable for all abilities.



9’1” x 21 7/8 x 2 13/16 2+1

One of Ben Skinner’s favourites for all conditions the Eurostar is a reliable, performance board in every aspect with enough volume to allow it to easily catch the waves with good paddle power. With refined rails throughout, the board’s squash tail makes it easy to maneuver without sacrificing control of speed, there is also enough in the nose to get the toes up there.


Tolhurst ‘Harly Ingleby’

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