Wetsuit Accessories

Wetsuit Accessories

We have Newquay’s largest range of surf hire equipment so look no further.

Boots, gloves, rash vests, hooded rash vests wetsuit socks … whatever the weather, whatever you need we’ll get you covered ..literally!

We are open all year round but its not just for the winter months you’ll need extra warmth and protection.
Wetsuit boots can guard against weaver fish stings or protect your feet from sharp rocks during a Coasteer adventure.
Why not hire our  “accessory pack”  along with your wetsuit it gives you gloves, hooded rash vest and  boots so you can be sure you’ll be ready for anything the Atlantic Ocean can throw at you.

If there is anything you think you might need  to make your trip to Fistral that  bit more enjoyable please give us a call or come and  chat to us we will be only to happy to  help.


  • You lose nearly 40 percent of your body heat through your head
  • A hood is a must for extremely cold diving

Booties and gloves

  • Provide insulation for your extremities
  • These also increase your protection from abrasion
  • Booties help make your fins more comfortable

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email with your enquiries.
Call: 01637 850584
Email: enquiries@fistralbeach.co.uk

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