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Wetsuit & Wetsuit Accessory Hire Newquay

For wetsuit hire in Newquay look no further. At Fistral Beach surf hire we all surf ourselves and know the difference that good equipment. We have a selection of wetsuits, meaning you can stay warm whatever time of year you choose to go in the water.

When you come and hire we will measure the wetsuits up and make sure you have an appropriate one for your surf.

Whatever the weather, we’ve got your covered! We hire winter wetsuits, wetsuit boots, gloves and hoods. Along with thermal and hooded rash vests.

How well a wetsuit works is completely affected by its construction. This means the neoprene that is being used and how the wetsuit has been put together. Our wetsuits are all glued, blind stitched and taped at the seams. The quality of this construction means water only comes in at the ankles, necks and waist area, and with a good fit, this is minimal. We stock these wetsuits all year round so you can be confident that you will always be well equipped to enjoy your surfing experience in Newquay.

During the warmer months we also have a large range of shorty wetsuits available.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions.
Call: 01637 850584
Email: enquiries@fistralbeach.co.uk



You lose nearly 40% of heat through your head, you can make use of our wetsuit hoods or thermal hooded rashvest.


  • Provide insulation for your extremities
  • These also increase your protection from abrasion
  • Booties help make your fins more comfortable

Have a look at our quick Guide to Staying Warm in the Water for some more information on the wetsuits and wetsuit accessories you may need when in Newquay.

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