In our opinion surfing is the ultimate sport and what better place to learn than the home of British surfing. Join countless others who have had the experiance of a lifetime at the only surf school located on the golden shores of Fistral Beach. So head down, get suited up, grab a board and throw yourself into the rolling waves!

Get That Beginner Knowledge 

Your surfing experience will be more enjoyable if you have the beginner knowledge, not only in regards to wave riding but your own safety. Your first surf lesson will include 15 minutes of warm ups and safety talks, which covers assessing the conditions, what flags marks the surfing area and how to manage your board safely. This beginner knowledge will help build the foundations of your surfing and will no doubt solidify your shredding.

The Only Surf School Actually Located At Fistral Beach 

The Fistral Beach Surf School and Hire Centre is the only surf school in Newquay that is located on Fistral Beach itself. So you are a stone’s throw away from the surf, meaning no lengthy walks to the beach or surf. The unique beach front location also means that we can assess the conditions and tides throughout the day so you are guaranteed to be surfing in the best possible conditions.

Meet Like-minded People

Surfing is one of the few sports that has an incredible lifestyle attached to it and there are plenty of people like yourself who are looking to delve head first into the surf lifestyle. The surf school has people from all over the world visiting to learn to surf or to help those wanting to improve their surfing, so no doubt you’ll find someone who you can share your stoke with!

Equipment Is Provided

The surf school has one of the largest stocks of boards and wetsuits in the UK and is constantly being updated to ensure that they provide you with the best equipment that is on offer. We will keep you warm and comfortable no matter the seasons and will have you ripping the surf up in a variety of boards that match a wide range of abilities.

Professional Tuition 

The Instructors at Fistral Beach Surf School are arguably some of the best in the country due to their years of surfing experience and knowledge. Their commitment to the sport is unmatched, guaranteeing you a fulfilling and professional lesson.

If you are interested in surfing with Fistral Beach Surf School you can book here, or alternatively you can call them on 01637 850 737.