Fistral Beach Grom’s Club 2018

Fistral Beach Grom’s Club meets every week from April-September. With 3 groups at grom’s clubs from complete beginners to the advanced groms. The sessions are 2 hours and all of the equipment that may be needed is provided. The club is £35 to join and then £5 per session attended, which are bought [...]

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We Spoke To UKPSA Open Champion Reubyn Ash

This year Fistral Beach put £5,000 pounds into the prize draw for the UKPST, the idea was to create an initiative to compete and in turn push the boundaries of British surfing. Across the multiple stages that the UKPSA set up across the country we saw the level of surfing improve with each stop. [...]

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The 2017 Korev English Interclub Surf Championships

Over the 23rd and 24th October Fistral Beach will be host to The 2017 Korev English Interclub Surf Championships supported by Caravan & Motorhome Club.    Over the 23rd and 24th October Fistral Beach will be host to The 2017 Korev English Interclub Surf Championships supported by Caravan & Motorhome Club. During [...]

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We Spoke With Big Wave Surfer and Fistral Beach Ambassador Tom Butler

Cover Image: Tim Nunn Photography  Tom Butler has long been a known name and face in the UK competitive surf scene due to his consistent ability in the water and his tenacious drive to push his surfing to next level. More recently Tom has been pushing himself in big wave surfing and has been making [...]

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Magicseaweed Confirmed As Supporter For Ladies Longboard Day

Magicseaweed Is Supporting The Ladies Longboard Day The Fistral Beach Surf School is delighted to be hosting a Ladies Longboard Day on 9th September, a whole day of ladies longboarding specific training and tuition from professional surfer and ISA level 2 coach Jenny Briant. Her latest victories speak volumes on her ability, with her latest [...]

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Beater Boards Now In Stock At The Fistral Beach Hire Centre

  Ready For Hire Now! Fistral Beach Hire centre has added yet more panache to their stock of boards readily available for hire, after the success of the softech boards and wide variety of bodyboards they have decided to stock a board that hangs in the middle. The Beater Board is a hybrid shred stick [...]

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Fistral Beach sponsors £5,000 in prize money on the UK Pro Surf Tour

Fistral Beach will provide the biggest ever single cash prize of £5,000 prize money for the highest placed British surfer in the Open Division on the UK Pro Surf Tour 2017. The prize will be in the form of a sponsorship package where the surfer will represent the beach when competing the following year. In [...]

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Top 4 Ways to Look After Your Surfboard

It may seem cliche but if you look after your board, it will look after you, not to mention extending its lifespan. Keeping it Shady Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or places of extreme heat and temperature change. Leaving it out to cook even in a bag will result the weakening of [...]

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