Fistral Beach will provide the biggest ever single cash prize of £5,000 prize money for the highest placed British surfer in the Open Division on the UK Pro Surf Tour 2017. The prize will be in the form of a sponsorship package where the surfer will represent the beach when competing the following year.

In addition UK Pro Surf Association are pleased to announce Fistral Beach will be sponsoring the Under 18 Boys Tour for 2017. The third year in a row they have supported this category.
Dave Reed director of UK Pro Surf Association said “This is great news, raising the bar for British competitive surfing, Fistral Beach providing a fantastic incentive for UK’s elite competitive surfers to push the boundaries of their performance and pursue their dreams. In addition praise needs to be given to them for supporting development of the sport with sponsorship of the Under 18 Boys division”

Job Harriss 2016 UKPSA Champion said “Hearing that there’ll be £5000 up for grabs for the winner of the 2017 UK Pro Tour is amazing. Winning the tour is no easy feat so it’s great to have a reward for taking the top spot. If that money had been there last year my surfing career would be in an entirely different place, I’d have been able to compete on the QS and continue pushing my surfing abroad. Either way though it’s great to have something to aim for in 2017 and it’ll certainly heat up competition between all the athletes. It’s so great to have the UK Pro Tour continually supporting the surfers with prize money. It makes a huge difference to our careers given the low level of funding for our sport in the UK and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is thankful for all the hard work Dave and the team put in, as well as the prize money Fistral Beach is putting forward.”

Jenny Briant said on behalf of Fistral Beach “We are delighted to be supporting the UK Pro Surf Tour and our professional surfers. Fistral Beach has become the hub of British Surfing and we appreciate seeing how talented our surfers are, alongside how much time and effort they dedicate towards it. We are very proud to be providing £5,000 prize money for the open division of the UK Pro Surf Tour, alongside our continued funding towards their U18 boy’s division. To be able to support these professional surfers with the costs that they incur and enable them to enter more contents is something we are very excited about.

2017 UK Pro Surf Tour
1st Personnel Solutions Surfaced Pro @Watergate Bay 6th 7th May
2nd Smart Parking Night Surf @ Fistral Beach 16th 17th June
3rd Lynmouth Pro Surf @Lynmouth (Best day) 5th September – 18th November
4th Llantwit Pro Surf @Llantwit Wales (Best day) 5th September – 18th November
5th Snowdonia Pro Surf Challenge @ Surf Snowdona 23rd October
6th Thurso Surf Festival @ Thurso 26th 29th October

2017 Fistral Beach U18 Boys Tour :
1st Personnel Solutions Surfaced Pro @Watergate Bay 6th 7th May
2nd Smart Parking Night Surf @ Fistral Beach 16th 17th June
3rd UK Schools Surf Championships @ Fistral Beach 10th 11th July
4th Thurso Surf Festival @ Thurso 26th 29th October
5th Clash of the Groms @ Fistral Beach 18th 19th November

The winner of the Fistral Beach UKPSA Under 18 Boys Tour and the Open Division will be crowned at The UK Surf Awards on the 19th November in Newquay.

Image Jobe Harriss credit: Toby Butler / UKPSA