We are delighted to announce that Tom Butler is now an ambassador for Fistral Beach.

Tom is one of the top names in big wave surfing, grew up surfing at Fistral. With multiple surfing titles Tom’s ambition is to be part of the World Surf League Big Wave Tour.

It is fantastic to have such a talented surfer from Newquay competing on an international level with Big Wave Surfing.

Undeniably as a Big Wave Surfer Tom has chosen the most extreme strand of surfing there is, it can be split into paddle in or tow in surfing- where a jet-ski is used, the conditions determine the method the wave is caught. At only 21 years old Tom had his first Big Wave Barrel Win.

In the 2014 -2015 season at Nazare Tom was part of the winning team for the biggest wave surfed in the world that year, when he towed his friend into the wave. The following season was when Tom rode a barrel at Mullaghmore head that went into the last 5 at the XXL awards show in L.A. for barrel of the year.

The Big Wave Tour consists of the top 24 big wave paddle in surfers from around the world, with six stops in: Chile, Peru, Mexico, Portugal, Hawaii & Baja Mexico. Tom is an alternate for the Portugal event meaning his aim of being one of the surfers on this prestigious tour is very close. Different to the normal surfing events that happen in every way, the Big Wave Events have a 5 month waiting period for the organisers to select a perfect day.

To have Tom as the ambassador of Fistral Beach where he is a well-known both in and out of the water is a brilliant opportunity. To have such a talented surfer from the UK competing on an International level for Big Wave Surfing is a real credit to Tom’s skills. Alongside being a talented Big Wave Surfer Tom is an extremely accomplished waterman, which has seen him complete challenges such as the 27 miles from the Scilly Isles to Land’s End in only 6 hours and 46 minutes.

Keep up with Tom’s adventures: facebook & instagram